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We designed our mobile communications platform from the bottom up to help you be the best at what you do. We created it mainly for those of you who desire the most incredible technology available. This platform is powerful.

Comprehensive and feature-rich! And it has sophisticated tools that make you feel empowered and in power. Automation of SMS and MMS messaging, digital discounts and loyalty incentives, reputation management, review creation, and appointment reminders are just a few examples.


Get your time back!

Take advantage of the latest automated SMS technology.

You get access to our powerful text messaging software and features:

Our user-friendly software is packed with features and allows you to text customers from wherever you work. Simply log in from your computer, tablet, or mobile device and start texting using our advanced system and automation features.

Your messages get sent securely through our reliable network

Our connections with top-tier wireless carriers like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Tier 2 and 3 regional carriers set us apart from other texting platforms and ensure the maximum deliverability of messages to your customers.

  • Effective communication – Text messaging is by far the most preferred method of communication among adults with smartphones.
  • 98% read rates – Nearly every text message is opened and read. No other communications channel delivers such high response rates.
  • Reach Your Audience – Communicate effectively and efficiently with your contacts with just a few clicks.
Reputation Management and Review Generation

Utilize our system automation to generate powerful online reviews and funnel unfavorable evaluations to management for fast action.

Automation of Text Messaging with “Trigger” Technology

Set up automated triggers to send strategically timed messages to your subscribers based on predefined events.

Google and Apple Pay Mobile Wallet Solutions

Integrate your digital coupons with digital payment technologies to take advantage of strong geo-targeting features that SMS and MMS do not provide.

Digital Loyalty Rewards Kiosk and Coupons

Using our technology, the digital loyalty kiosk has transformed rewards programs for brick and mortar businesses. See how our solution has changed the game for our clients. The digital kiosk is the most powerful tool in a company’s entire marketing and communication strategy. By incorporating a digital kiosk into the point of sale experience, clients may quickly join and participate in a mobile club or digital loyalty and rewards program by providing only their cell number.

Businesses use the kiosk to create an extensive database of opted-in clientele. They may connect continuously via SMS and MMS messaging for notifications, special offers, promotions, and important updates to corporate operations. Businesses that have used the digital kiosk have seen a 500-1,000% boost in opt-in participation rates compared to traditional marketing methods. The goal is to keep your customers! Consumers are drawn into storefronts by digital coupons, and the digital kiosk tracks coupon redemption and keeps customers engaged with automatic offers for inactive customers.

how the service works 

We Create Stunning & Effective Online Stores

We text enable your existing business phone number OR provide you with a dedicated 10-digit number for texting:

Your customers are already calling your toll-free number, landline, or VoIP. Our system text enables that number so you can give customers the option to “text or call” you. *Optionally, you can choose to use one of our shared messaging shortcodes, toll-free #s, or 10-digit long codes.

A variety of SMS solutions for your business


text alerts

mobile coupons

digital loyalty kiosks

birthday offers

optin web forms

mobile surveys

text to win contests

mobile trivia

text to donate

customer alerts

appointment notifs

manage reputation

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